Energy Insurance

Orient Takaful Insurance Company provides insurance protection to all Petroleum Companies, all Petroleum Projects and also Insurance of Renewable Energy, this is by providing a set of policies that meet all the requirements of our clients by backed by 1st class securities and solid claims-paying ability and these products available can be categorized into two divisions:

  1. Oil & Gas
  • All Risks Policy (terrestrial/marine)

Cover physical loss or physical damage occurs to the insured property which needs to repair or replacement before normal working.

  • Operational Policy

Cover Property /cost of control of wells/ Third part Liability insurance.

  • Oil Rigs Policy (land/sea).

Cover Oil and/or Gas well drilling and/or workover equipment as per the policy’s schedule the property of the Assured, or for which the Assured may be legally liable, while at locations within the limits of the property insured

  1. Renewable Energy
  • Solar Power policy

Cover physical loss or physical damage to Property and breakdown of equipment and address the costs of repair or replacement, business interruption and certain other consequential financial loss arising as a result of such physical loss or physical damage or breakdown.